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SSA Gap-Filling paper!

SSA Gap-Filling of Solar Wind Data

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500+ citations (Web of Science) for founding paper of SSA-MTM Toolkit :
Vautard, R., Yiou, P., and M. Ghil, 1992: Singular-spectrum analysis: A toolkit for short, noisy chaotic signals, Physica D, 58, 95-126.

1. ONR-N00014-12-1-0911, FY2012 Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI) Topic #16: Extended-Range Environmental Prediction Using Low-Dimensional Dynamic Modes, Office of Naval Research, 2012--2015.

2. NSF 1049253, Collaborative Research, Type 1, L02170206: Climate Sensitivity, Stochastic Models and GCM-EaSM Optimization, U.S. National Science Foundation (DMS + MPS Divisions), 2011--2014.

3. DOE DE-SC0006694, Decadal Prediction and Stochastic Simulation of Hydroclimate over Monsoonal Asia , U.S. Department of Energy, 2011--2014.


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